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Lazy Bend HOA Membership Meeting

Dear HOA Members,
The Lazy Bend HOA will hold its semi-annual membership meeting at 7:00 PM on Thursday, January 28, 2021.


Join with Google Meet:
Join by phone (US) +1 508-779-6057 (PIN: 215556785)


  • Call to Order
  • Quorum Count
  • Welcome new HOA members
  • Review of Minutes from prior LBHOA Membership Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report and 2021 Budget Approval
  • Bulkhead Committee Report
  • Architectural Control Committee Report
  • Birch Street Bridge Project Update
  • LBHOA Policies Update
  • Executive Committee Election Results
  • Topics from the Floor
  • Adjournment

Due to the COVID epidemic, the Lazy Bend Executive Committee is providing two options for participation in the meeting:

On-Line Meeting: Log-on information for the meeting will be posted above. On-line HOA member participants will count toward the quorum required to vote on issues NOT requiring ballots. However, on-line participants must submit absentee ballots to vote for Executive Committee members.

In-Person Participation: The HOA has reserved the CLS Clubhouse for the evening of January 28. In-person attendees may either submit absentee ballots in advance of the meeting (in which case they have the right to alter their vote while attending the meeting) or complete and submit a ballot while attending the meeting. (see COVID SAFETY information below)

By now you should have received absentee ballots for the election of Executive Committee members. Ballots were provided via email (for HOA members who have authorized email communication) and via US Postal service for other members. If you intend to vote by absentee ballot, please promptly complete the ballot and return it as directed in the message that accompanied the ballot.

In the interest of public health during the current COVID epidemic, the following countermeasures will be applied during the Lazy Bend General Membership Meeting to be held at 7:00 PM on January 28, 2021, at the Clear Lake Shores Community Center. LBHOA’s use of the CLS Town Hall facility requires that we implement appropriate safety measures.

The Lazy Bend HOA Executive Committee requires that all participants comply with the following requirements, and will request that anyone not in compliance remove themselves from the meeting location.

1.       SOCIAL DISTANCING: Participants in the meeting shall maintain a minimum distance from each other of at least six feet throughout the meeting. Participants shall refrain from activities that pose a risk of transmitting COVID. Participants who are cohabitants at their homes may, at their discretion, maintain a lesser distance.

2.       MANDATORY MASK REQUIREMENT: Masks shall be worn  throughout their time at the meeting venue. Participants are requested to provide their own mouth and nose coverings. The LBHOA will make available a limited quantity of disposable masks.

3.       HEALTH ISSUES: Persons who have in the recent past experienced possible symptoms of COVID and/or have been in recent contact with persons having COVID and/or have travelled to areas where COVID is actively spreading and/or who are particularly susceptible to infection are requested to participate in the meeting using the on-line option.

Thank you,

LBHOA Executive Committee