Lazy Bend - P.O. Box 483 - Kemah, TX 77565

Welcome to Lazy Bend

Residents and future residents of Lazy Bend can find community information, deed restrictions, and more.

All members of the Lazy Bend HOA are invited to attend the meeting of the LBHOA Executive Board Monday, Sept. 18, 2017 at 6 p.m. 

Home of Ken Sherwin, 11 Harbor Lane.

  • Call to order
  • Welcome guests, identify particular topics of interest and integrate them into the planned agenda.
  • Review of minutes from prior EC meeting and August 2 LBHOA meeting.
  • Treasurer's report and related topics: development of procedures associated with reserve fund implementation and spending decisions.
  • Architectural Comm. report: project status; in process inspection of drainage provisions; inspection and "grandathering" or alternative resolution of non-conformances.
  • Bulkhead Comm. report: reimbursement requests; specifications status; inspection, procedural and enforcement advisory processes.
  • Status of updated documents voted on at last LBHOA meeting. Do we have them ready to upload to website? Have they/do they need to be filed with Galveston County?
  • Committee/EC coordination: How can LBHOA committees and the EC more effectively coordinate inspections, advisories, and imposition of enforcement actions? Do current LBHOA documents support improvements in these areas? If not, then what? Examples:
    • Failure to adequately manage drainage
    • Nonresident boat during storm event
  • Discretionary Projects: 
    • LBHOA roads - asphalt sealing and paint striping
    • Decorative anchors/chains/supports refurbishment options
    • Website document updates and advisories: bulkhead survey results; searchable (i.e. non-scanned) document postings
    • South Lazy Lane signage
  • Walk-on topics may be addressed during this meeting or deferred depending on meeting duration and topic complexity.