Lazy Bend - P.O. Box 483 - Kemah, TX 77565

Welcome to Lazy Bend

Residents and future residents of Lazy Bend can find community information, deed restrictions, and more.

​The next Lazy Bend HOA executive committee meeting will be held Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Ken Sherwin, 11 Harbor Lane. Members are invited to attend, view the meeting and use the opportunity to ask questions or address concerns. Agenda for next week’s meeting:

  • Call to order
  • Approval of minutes from HOA meeting Aug. 25
  • Treasurer's report
    • Budget strategy
  • Architectural Control Committee report
    • Shade structure ACC requirements and issues
  • Bulkhead committee report
    • Bulkhead requirements update
  • Covenants & Restrictions updates report
    • Restatement and modification to the Covenants and Restrictions
  • LBHOA survey
  • Other topics
  • Adjourn