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LBHOA Executive Committee Meeting
December 6, 2018 at 6:30 PM 
The home of Mike Lewis, 24 Harbor

  • Call to order
  • Year end budget report [Dennis Grounds)
  • Year end bulkhead committee report (Mike Veraa)
  • Year end ACC report (Jay Johnson)
  • WCID#12 Report (Paul Boswell)
  • Plan for preventative road maintenance and upgrades( e.g tar cracks, apply asphalt sealer, paint straight lines along road edges, repaint speed humps, straighten Lazy Lane road sign.
  • Street light replacement update (Bill Jenko)
  • Bayou Lane water drainage issue and proposed solution (speed hump/drainage diverter installation to redirect water to existing drains )
  • CLEMC situation update (Tim Axt to report on CLEMC issues affecting LBHOA. EC to discuss our current status with CLEMC and potential alternative Emergency Medical Response solutions such as Windsor or Acadia.)
  • Kemah Fire Department Board alternate rep from LBHOA (Tim Axt is our current rep, but we can designate an alternate in case he’s unavailable. Seeking candidate volunteers at January meeting)
  • Upcoming LBHOA Executive Committee election (review EC member terms ending in January and define a plan to identify candidates)
  • Schedule for LBHOA membership meeting in January (I propose we consider Thursday, January,2019).
  • Topics from the Floor
  •  Adjourn