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Residents and future residents of Lazy Bend can find community information, deed restrictions, and more.


The LBHOA Executive Board will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, April 24, 2017 at the home of Ken Sherwin, 11 Harbor Lane. LBHOA members are welcome to attend. 


Call to Order

Approval of Minutes - March 2, 2017 EC Meeting

Treasurer’s Report, to include:
  • Report from annual LBHOA financial audit
  • HOA assessment increase to $.04/sq. ft. 
  • Special assessment for reserve fund of $.01/sq. ft.

Architectural Control Committee Report, to include:
  • Update on consolidation of current ACC guidelines. Also, discussion of process to document existing non-compliant property modifications ("grandfather" cases with current guidelines).
  • Palapa maintenance
  • Home rental limitations

Bulkhead Committee Report, to include:
Update on consolidated recommendations for revisions to Bulkhead Committee Rules of Order. Discussion of need/process/schedule for legal review of proposed updated Rules of Order. 

General neighborhood issues:
  • Discussion of need/process/schedule for legal review of assessment proposals
  • LBHOA General Meeting visual aids (eg projector)
  • Fire lane signage replacement (south Lazy Lane)
  • Road improvements
  • Tree maintenance
  • Aesthetic improvements at Lazy Bend entrances along 6th street

Topics from the floor