Welcome to Lazy Bend

Lazy Bend - P.O. Box 483 - Kemah, TX 77565

Residents and future residents of Lazy Bend can find community information, deed restrictions, and more.

All members of the Lazy Bend HOA are invited to attend the meeting of the LBHOA Executive Board Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.

Home of Colleen Fiega, 77 Harbor Lane

  • Welcome HOA members (if any)
  • Review and approve minutes from prior EC meeting
  • Treasurer report
  • ACC report including:
    • Pending and approved projects
    • Clarification of correct address for notification letter (ref. Letter from Ed Guenther regarding 96 Bayou Lane)
    • Status of non-compliance notification letters
  • Bulkhead committee report including:
    • Pending and completed projects
    • Status of website posting for updated bulkhead guidelines
    • Planning for bulkhead survey and subsequent (proposed) 2-year planning notifications to owners of failed bulkheads
    • Plan forward for rectifying and finalizing voting initiatives from summer 2017 LBHOA meeting
  • Planning for January 2018 election of EC members and President (we need to identify candidates)
  • Maintenance items discussion
  • Recent bridge inspection  (Frank)
  • Fire lane signage at south Lazy Lane
  • Asphalt seal and road striping ROM cost estimate (Paul)
  • Anchor/chain/post painting (Ken)
  • South Bayou Lane fence repair (Dennis)
  • Use of property for business purposes
  • Topics from the floor
  • Adjourn