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Lazy Bend - P.O. Box 483 - Kemah, TX 77565

Welcome to Lazy Bend

Please contact the LBEC to:

  • Volunteer for a committee or special project
  • Get approval from the Architectual Control Committee before starting construction or improvement
  • Get approval from the Bulkhead Committee before starting any bulkhead or drainage repair and to qualify for reimbursement

Lazy Bend HOA Executive Board

Frank Eichstadt 281-380-0918 President

Dennis Grounds 281-507-7199 Treasurer

Bill Jenko

Ken Sherwin 281-734-8087

Grahame Gay 520-743-0325

Paul Boswell 281-924-1176

Mike Lewis, Secretary

Architectural Control Board

Paul Boswell 281-924-1176

Bulkhead Committee

Mike Veraa (832) 801 0432

Consult your Owners Directory for contact information for any of the above board members. For issues, corrections or concerns about this website, contact the webmaster.